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Dr. LOW Hong Yee
Name: Dr. LOW Hong Yee
Designation: Consulting Scientist
Capability Group / Department: Joint Appointments
Address: 3 Research Link Singapore 117602
Tel: (65) 6872 0785
Research Interests/Areas
  • Development of nanoimprint lithography and its applications
  • Physics of ultra thin polymer films
  • Development of functional nanostructures
Specialised Expertise
  • Nanoimprint lithography
  • Physical and Thermal characterization of polymeric materials.
  • Molecular characterization of polymeric materials.
  • Development of Nanoimprinting and its applications
  • Characterization of ultra-thin polymer films and nanoimprinted films
Working Experience
2009 - current Senior Research Scientist / Group Head, Patterning and Fabrication Group, IMRE, Singapore
  • 2001 - 2009
Research Scientist, IMRE, Singapore
  • 1999 - 2001
Research Associate, IMRE, Singapore
  • 1998 - 1999
Polymer Chemist, Motorola Semiconductor Component Sector, Malaysia
Academic Qualifications
  • PhD, Polymer Science and Engineering, 1998
  • M.Sc, Polymer Science and Engineering, 1995
  • B.Sc, Polymer Science and Engineering, 1993
Honours and Awards
  • 2010
L’Oréal Singapore For Women in Science National Fellowships
  • 2004
Finalist, Young Scientist Award, National Science and Technology Board, Singapore
  • 1999
Best Paper in Material Characterization, Motorola Semiconductor Manufacturing Symposium
  • 1996
Sherwim-Willim Award for Graduate Research, American Chemical Society
  • 1993
Samuel Maron Award for Undergraduate Research, Case Western Reserve University
Other Professional Appointments / Membership
  • 2010
A*STAR Science and Technology Value Creation working group
  • 2008 - current
Interview Panel, National Science Scholarships
  • 2005 - 2006
Expert Panel, Academic Research Fund, Ministry of Education, Singapore
  • 2004
Tech Scan Panel, A*STAR, Singapore
  • 2004
International journal reviewer since 2004, acknowledged as top 20% reviewer for Langmuir 2010
  • 2000-2002
Member, Society of Information Display
  • 1996 - 2007
Member, American Chemical Society
  • 1992
Vice President, Society of Plastic Engineering, Student Chapter, Case Western Reserve University
Selected Publications
  • T.Kustandi*, W.W.Loh, H.Gao and H.Y.Low, “ Wafer scale near perfect ordered porous alumina on substrates by step and flash nanoimprint”, ACS Nano, 4(5),2561-2568, 2010
  • F.X.Zhang and H.Y.Low*, “Hierarchically imprinted polymer substrates for enhanced attachment of Escherichia Coli”, J.Colloid and Interface Science, 343, 109-114 (2010)
  • T.Kustandi, H.H.Choo, H.Y.Low* and S.Sinha*, “Texturing of UHMWPE surface via NIL for low friction and wear properties”, J.Phy D- App.Phys. 43, (2010)
  • S.Chen, J.A.Jones, Y.Xu, H.Y.Low, J.M.Anderson and K.W.Leong*, “ Characterization of topographical effects on macrophage behavior in a foreign body response model”, Biomaterials, 31, 3479-3491, (2010)
  • C.T.Lim*, H.Y.Low, J.K.K.Ng, W.T.Liu and Y.Zhang, “ Fabrication of three-dimensional hemispherical structures using photolithography”, Microfluidics and nanofluidics, 7, 721-726 (2009)
  • W.J.Zeng, K.S.L.Chong, H.Y.Low, E.L.Williams, T.L.Tam and A.Sellinger*, “ the use of nanoimprint lithography to improve efficiencies of bilayer organic solar cells based on P3HT and a small molecule acceptor”, Thin Solid Film, 517, 6833-6836 (2009)
  • K. S. L. Chong, H. Y. Low*, “Pattern Size Reduction Effect via a Mix and Match Sequential Imprinting Technique”, Langmuir ,25 (11), 6559-6564.(2009)
  • M. Antipina, M. Kiryukhin, K.Chong, H.Y.Low* and G.B.Sukhorukov*, “Patterned microcontainers as novel functional elements for µTAS and LOC”, Lab-on-a-chip, 9, 1472-1475 (2009)
  • T.Kustandi, H.Y.Low*, J.H.Teng and I.Rodriguez, “Mimicking Dominos-like Photonic Nanostructures on Butterfly Wings”, Small, 5, 574-578 (2009)
  • Chia C.K*., Suryana M., Zhao W., Low H.Y., and Hopkinson M., “Selective disordering of InAs/InGaAs dots-in-a-well structure patterned with sol-gel derived SiO2 strips imprinted by soft mold technique”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 93, 071907 (2008).
  • F.X.Zhang and H.Y.Low*, “ Transfer printing of 3D hierarchical gold structures using a sequentially imprinted polymer stamp”, Nanotechnology, 19, 415305, 2008
  • J.Dumond and H.Y.Low*, “ Residual Layer Self-removal in Imprint Lithography”, Adv. Materials, 20,1291-1297 (2008)
  • F.X.Zhang, J.Chan, and H.Y.Low* “Biomimetic, Hierarchical via Sequential Imprint Lithography”, Applied Surface Science, 254,2975-2979 (2008)
  • F.X.Zhang, and H.Y.Low* “Anisotropic Wettability on Imprinted Hierarchical Structures”, Langmuir, 23,7793-7798 (2007)
  • H.Y.Low*, “ Complex and Useful Polymer Micro and Nanostructures via Nanoimprint Lithography’, Int.J.Nanotechnology, 4, 389-403 (2007)
  • H.Y.Low*, W.Zhao and J.Dumond, “Combinatorial-Mold Imprint Lithography- A Versatile Technique for Fabrication of 3-Dimensional Polymer Structures” Appl.Phys.Lett, 89, 023109 (2006)
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  • Y.A.Xu, W.Zhao and H.Y.Low*, “Sacrificial Film-assisted Nanoimprint Lithography”, Microelectron.Eng. 83, 542-546 (2006)
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  • W.Zhao,Y.B.Zheng and H.Y.Low*, “Fabrication of Multi-Dimensional Colloid Crystals on Raised Surfaces via Reversal Nanoimprint”, Microelect.Eng. 83,404-408 (2006)
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Patents Filed
  • “Method for producing Organic Electroluminescent Device”, Kyoko Yamamoto, Jarrett Dumond and H.Y.Low, JP patent application no 2009-257138, 2009
  • “ Process for producing substrate with electrode”,H.Y.Low, F.X.Zhang, B.Z.Wang, K.Yamamoto, JP patent application no:2009-190827, 2009
  • “Direct imprinting of sub-100nm oxide and metal patterns using metal methacrylates”, S.H.Lim, M.S.M.Saifullah, H.Hussain, W.W.Loh and H.Y.Low, US Provisional filing, application NO:61/231.147. 2009
  • “Method of concurrent imprinting and selective metal patterning on polymeric substrate”, Richard Khoo and Hong Yee Low, US Prov. No61/104034 2008
  • ‘Butterfly Structural Color and Method of Forming The Same’, T.Kustandi, H.Y.Low and I.Rodriguez, PCT application, 2009
  • ‘Array of Microcapsules For Controlled Loading Of Macromolecules, Nanoparticles and Other Nanoscale Items and A Method Of Fabricating It’, Maxim Kiryukhin, Maria Aantipa,. Karen Chong, Low Hong Yee, Gleb Sukhorukov, US provisional filling (Application No.: 61/057,137), 2008
  • ‘A Method Of Making An Imprint On A Polymer Structure’, Mohammad S. M. Saifullah, Richard T.T. Khoo, H.Y. Low PCT application July-2008
  • ‘Pattern size reduction in Nanoimprint Lithography”, Karen Chong and Hong Yee Low, PCT application, 2007
  • ‘Method to direct liquid flow for Inkjet Printing’, Hong Yee Low, Karen Chong, Jarrett Dumond, Kyoko Yamamoto and Satoshi Amamiya, PCT application, 2007
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  • “Novel Nanoimprinted Modular Support (NIMS) for Solid Phase Organic Synthesis,” H.Y.Low, S.Sarang, K.Darmono, Y.P.Kong, SG patent grant no 130257, 31-August-2009

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