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Dr. LOKE Yee Chong
Name: Dr. LOKE Yee Chong
Designation: Scientist I
Capability Group / Department: Patterning & Fabrication
Address: 3, Research Link, Singapore 117602
Tel: (65) 68748138
Research Interests/Areas
  • Mold Fabrication Technology
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Roll-to-Roll Nanoimprinting
  • Nano Injection Molding
Specialised Expertise
  • Micro/Nano fabrication processes (EBL,PECVD, ICP, RIE, Sputtering, Electrodeposition, Evaporation, Mask design)
  • Design and fabrication of specialised tips for AFM application
  • Superlubricity studies
  • Design and fabrication of AFM cantilever with intergrate ferromagnetic material.
  • Design and fabrication of conductive tip AFM cantilever
  • Mass production of polystyrene microcarrier for human embryonic stem cell growth
  • High resolution Nickel molds for polymer fabrication of 3D and nanometer scale devices
  • Industrial Consortium on Nanoimprinting: Roll-to-Roll Nanoimprinting
  • Astar Nanoimprint Foundry
  • Nano Injection Molding
Working Experience
  • 2011 - To-date
  • 2006 - 2011
Scientist I
Research Engineer, IMRE
  • 2004 - 2006
Process Engineer with Lam Research SIngapore
  • 2001 - 2004
PhD Scholar, National Cancer Centre SIngapore
Academic Qualifications
  • PhD, NanyangTechnological University, Singapore, 2009
  • MEng, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 2001
  • BEng(Hons), University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, UK, 1998
Honours and Awards
  • 1999 - 2004
NTU Research Scholarship
Other Professional Appointments / Membership
  • Since 2008
Member, MRS, Singapore
Selected Publications
  • T. I. Wong, S. Han, Y. Wang, J. Deng, C. Y. L. Tan, L. Wu, P. Bai, Y.C. Loke, X. D. Yang, M. S. Tse, S. H. Ng, X. Zhou,.2013. High throughput and high yield nanofabrication of precisely designed gold nanohole array for fluorescence enhanced detection on biomarkers. Lap on a Chip, 13(12), 2405-13
  • Raman Akkipeddi , Yee Chong Loke, Yu Du, Xiaosong TangFook Siong Chau, Jie Deng,Feng Tian, Guangya Zhou2012. Tuning of split-ladder cavity by its intrinsic nano-deformation. Optics Express, Vol. 20, Issue 25, pp. 27697-27707.
  • X.S. Tang, Y.C. Loke, P. Lu, S.K. Sinha, and S.J. O’Shea 2012. “Friction measurement on free standing plates using atomic force microscopy", Review of Scientific Instruments ,84(1), pp 013702.
  • Badarinath Karri, Silvestre Roberto Gonzalez Avila, Loke Yee Chong, Sean J. O’Shea, Evert Klaseboer, Khoo Boo Cheong, Claus-Dieter Ohl, 2012. High-speed jetting and spray formation from bubble collapse. Physical Review E, Vol. 85(1), pp 015303
  • Loke Y.C., Hofbauer W., Lu P., Ansari K., Tang X.S., and O’Shea S.J., 2011. Electroplated CoPt Magnets for actuation of stiff cantilevers. Review of Scientific Instruments, Vol. 82(11), pp 115002
  • Lu P., Loke Y.C., Tang X.S., Sunil S.K., Sean O’Shea, 2011. A note on the two-spring Tomlinson model. Tribology Letters. Vol. 43(1), pp73—76 .
  • Kushvaha S.S., Hofbauer W., Loke Y.C., Singh S.P., O’Shea S.J., 2011. Thermoelectric measurement using different tips in Atomic Force Microscopy. Journal of Applied Physics.Vol. 109(8), pp. 084341.
  • Chew X.Y., Zhou G.Y., Yu H.B., Chau F.S., Deng J., Loke Y.C. and Tang X.S., 2010. An in-plane nano-mechanics approach to achieve reversible resonance control of photonic crystal nanocavities. Optics Express 18(n 21): 22232-22244
  • Chew X.Y., Zhou G.Y., Chau F.S., Deng J., Tang X.S. and Loke Y.C., 2010. Dynamic tuning of optical resonator through MEMS-driven coupled photonic crystal nanocavities. Optics Letters 35(n. 15): 1 - 3
  • Loke Y.C., Tan S.B., Cai Y.Y., Machin D., 2006. A Bayesian dose finding design for dual endpoint Phase I trials. Statistics in Medicine .25: 3-22
  • Loke Y.C., Tan S.B., Cai Y.Y., Machin D., 2002. A Bayesian decision theoretic approach to finding the optimal dose in a Phase I clinical trial. Valencia International Meeting on Bayesian Statistics, Tenerife Spain.
  • Loke Y.C., Liew K.M., 2002. VHF enhancement of Micromechanical Resonator via Structural Modification. Sensors and Actuators,A:Physical 96: 67-77
  • Loke Y.C., Liu A.Q., Liew K.M., Zou Q., 2001. Two-plane-parallel fixed electrodes micromachined tunable oscillator. SPIE's Proc: Design, Test, Integration and packaging of MEMS/MOEMS, Cannes-Mandelieu France, p. 430-437
  • Rajendran S., Loke Y.C., Liew K.M., Liu A.Q.,2000. Development of a high performance SOI fabricated gyroscope. SPIE's 2000 symposium, Micromachining and Microfabrication, Santa Clara, California USA, p 158 - 167.
  • Loke Y.C., Liu A.Q., Liew K.M., 2000. High frequency of micromechanical resonator via structural modification. SPIE's 2000 symposium, Micromachining and Microfabrication, Santa Clara, California USA, p 214 - 223. 
Patents Filed
  • Tan Beng Soon, Frank Chan, Xu Yun, Jaslyn Law Bee Khuan, Loke Yee Chong, Low Hong Yee. Lenticular lens array for glass-free 3D display (2012). Singapore Patent Application No: 201208833-2
  • "High resolution, High Aspect Ratio, Large Area Nickel Mold". Authors: Kambiz Ansari, Christina TAN Yuan Ling, Loke Yee Chong, Jarrett Dumond, Isabel Rodriguez.US provisional 2011.
  • "Method of making Atomic Force Microscopy Cantilevers With Integrated Spherical Tips" Authors: Y.C. Loke, K.S. Yeong and Erik J. Cox. PCT, 2009: Appli No. WO/2010/11186
  • "Fabrication of Atomic Force Microscopy Cantilevers With Integrated Magnet" Authors: Y.C. Loke, L. Pin, X.S. Tang and Sean O'Shea. US provisional 2010. 

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