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Dr. LIU Hong
Name: Dr. LIU Hong
Designation: Scientist II
Capability Group / Department: Patterning & Fabrication
Address: 3 Research Link Singapore 117602
Tel: (65) 6874 1981
Research Interests/Areas
  • Metamaterials and nanoplasmonics
  • Superresolution imaging and nanoscopy
Specialised Expertise
  • Micro- & Nanopatterning and fabrication
  • Micro-/Nanofluidics; Lab-on-a-chip
  • Metamaterials and nanoplasmonic characterization
  • Superlens Nanolithography
  • Ultrasmooth Metal Films for Their Applications in Metamaterials and PLasmonics
  • Optical metamaterials and their application in super resolved microscopic maging
Working Experience Aug 2003 -Current Scientist, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering
Sep 2001 - July 2003 Research Engineer, Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology
Academic Qualifications Ph.D and M.Eng (Mechanical Engineering), National University of Singapore, Singapore
Honours and Awards
Other Professional Appointments / Membership
Selected Publications
  • H. Liu, J.Teng*, Plasmonic Nanolithography: Towards Next Generation Nanopatterning, J. Mol. Eng. Mater. 2012, 1, 1250005.
  • Y. F. Wei, L. Ke*, E. S. P. Leong, H. Liu, L. L. Liew, J. Teng, J. Du*, X.W. Sun*, Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Performance of Bridged ZnO Nanorod Arrays Grown on V-grooved Structure. Nanotechnology 2012, 23, 365704.
  • Y. F. Wei, L. Ke*, J. H. Kong, H. Liu, Z. H. Zhao, X. H. Lu, H. J. Du*, X.W. Sun*, Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Water-splitting Effect with a Bent ZnO Nanorod Photoanode Decroated with Ag Nanoparticles. Nanotechnology 2012, 23, 235401.
  • L. Y. Deng, J. Teng*, L. Zhang, Q. Y. Wu, H. Liu, X. H. Zhang, S. J. Chua*, Extremely High Extinction Ratio Terahertz Broadband Polarizer Using Bilayer Subwavelength Metal Wire-grid Structure. Appl. Phys. Lett. 2012, 101, 011101.
  • H. Liu, B. Wang, L. Ke, J. Deng, C. C. Chum, M. S. Zhang, L. Shen, S. A. Maier*, J. Teng*, High Contrast Superlens Lithography Engineered by Loss Reduction. Adv. Func. Mater. 2012, 22, 3777-3783.
  • H. Liu, Wang, B., Ke L., Deng, J., Chum, C. C., Teo, S. L., Shen, L., Maier S. A.*, Teng, J.* High Aspect Subdiffraction-limit Photolithography via a Silver Superlens. Nano Lett. 2012, 12, 1549-1554.
  • Ke, L.* , Lai S. Z., H. Liu, Peh C. K., Wang B., Teng J.* Ultra-smooth Silver Thin Film on PEDOT:PSS Nucleation Layer for Extended Surface Palsmon Propagation. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2012, 4, 1247-1253.
  • Ke, L.*, H Liu, Yew, S. Y., Peh, C. K., Leong, E. S. P., Dolmanan, S. B., Teng, J.* Plasmonic Effect Enhancement in Ridge-trench Structure Assisted Fluorescence Dye. Plasmonics 2012, 7, 19-24.
  • Si, G.; Zhao, Y., H. Liu, Teo, S., Zhang, M., Huang, T. J., Danner, A. J.*, Teng, J*. Annular Aperture Array Based Color Filter. Appl. Phys. Lett. 2011, 99, 033105.
  • Leong, E. S. P., H. Liu, Liu, Y., Teng, J.* Optical Metamaterials and Super-resolution Imaging. COSMOS 2011, 7, 43-46.
  • H. Liu, Bing Wang, Eunice S. P. Leong, Ping Yang, Yun Zong, Guangyuan Si, Jinghua Teng*, Stefan A Maier. Enhanced Surface Plasmon Resonance on a Smooth Silver Film with a Seed Growth Layer. ACS NANO 2010, 4 3139-3146. (Highlighted in A*STAR Research, Nanowerk and Aznano on 24 November 2010)
  • H. Liu*, Dharmatilleke, S, Tay, A.A.O. A Chip Scale Nanofluidic Pump Using Electrically Controllable Hydrophobicity. Microsystem Technologies 2010, 16, 561-570
  • H. Liu*, Dharmatilleke, S, Maurya, DK; Andrew A. O. Tay. Dielectric Materials for Electrowetting-on-dielectric Actuation. Microsystem Technologies 2010, 16, 449-460.
  • Nan Zhang*, H. Liu, Wolfgang Knoll, A Disposable Polymer Sensor Chip Combined with Micro-fluidics and Surface Plasmon Read-out. Biosensors and Bioelectronics 2009, 24, 1783-1787.
Patents Filed
  • D. Saman and H. Liu, Systems and Methods for Pumping Continuous Liquid Columns Using Hydrophobicity Control Features in A Microchannel, 2006, International Publication No. WO2006115464 A1.
  • D. Saman, R. F. Isabel and H. Liu, Anodic Bonding of polymers to Glass, Silicon or Other Materials, ETPL Ref: IMR/P/251/PCT, Patent application no. PCT/SG2006/000116 and filing date: 4 May 2006.
  • D. Saman, H. Liu, Bonding of Polymer to Silicon, Glass, Another Polymer or Other Materials, ETPL Ref. IMR/P/04061/US, IMRE Ref. 200501. PCT filing date: 23 June 2006.
  • Zhang Nan, Wolfgang Knoll, Saman Dharmatilleke, Liu Hong, A Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor Chip Integrated with Microfluidics and The Method to Make It, PCT Patent Application No. PCT/SG2007/000255 Filed On 14 August 2007.
  • H. Liu, Donna Zhou, Sensor Chip For Biological And Chemical Sensing, US Patent Application No. 61/050,495 Filed On 5-May-08.
  • H. Liu, Teng J., Ke L. and Wang B., A Nanophotolithography Device and Method of Making It. 2011. US provisional filing number of 61/524,347 on August 17, 2011.
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