Nanoimprint Technologies

As part of our research program we have developed several novel and complex nanoimprint techniques to fabricate large area imprint, 2D and 3D structures, free-standing structures, hybrid patterns and patterns in functional materials. All of these techniques were developed in-house and representative examples are shown below. These complex patterned materials and structures all are designed towards specific industrial and/or commercial applications.

Step and Repeat UV Imprinting

4in Silicon Wafer Level Imprint

4" Wafer Level Imprint

Cross Section View

100nm Line & Space Cross Sectional View

5-field Measurement
5-field Measurement Table

5-field Measurement Across 4" Wafer

Combinatorial-Mold Imprinting

Pixel Separator

T-Bar Structure

Microfludic Channels

Microfludic Channels

Sequential Imprinting

2-Level Hierachical Strcutures on Polycarbonate

2-Level Hierachical Structures on Polycarbonate

3-Level Hierachical Strcutures on Polystyrene

3-Level Hierachical Structures on Polystyrene

Functional Material Imprinting


AFM image of 75nm imprinted P3HT


AFM image of 220nm imprinted PEDOT