Sensors & Transducers Programme

Explores signal and energy conversion mechanisms in smart materials and nanostructures, and spearheads research in material-critical sensors and transducers with unique features and improved performance.

  • Smart materials, currently focusing on high performance ferroelectric and piezoelectric materials, piezoelectric micro/nanostructures, electromechanical designs, and high frequency acoustic technologies.

  • Fluorescence and THz in smart materials and nanostructured materials, including nanospheres as fluorescent probes for bio- imaging and sensing, THz spectroscopy and THz wave generation from nanostructured smart materials.

  • Innovative material-critical sensors and transducers, including sensors with wireless and/or battery-less features, fluorescent and THz imaging and sensing, and high performance electromechanical actuators and transducers.
Applications: Unique and energy-efficient technologies that can be applied to healthcare and diagnosis, precision engineering, consumer electronics, intelligent monitoring systems and in harsh environments (e.g. marine and offshore).

Selected Patents

Selected Publications


Key Members:
Manager: Dr Yao Kui
Co-manager: Dr Tan Chin Yaw

Team members:
Dr Zhang Lei
Dr Lim Yee Fun
Mr Ivan Tan Chee Kiang

Ms Sharon Oh Su Yin
Ms Jiang Ying
Dr Santiranjan Shannigrahi
Dr Liu Bin

Mr Li Kai
Ms Li Yu Qiong
Dr Zhang Xinhai

Mr Lai Szu Cheng
Mr Chen Yifan