SERC metamaterials program will work on three selected topics that are most relevant to potential industry applications and have the most leverage on our existing capabilities.

Project 1: Super-resolution imaging
aims to develop the metamaterials science and technology through innovations in structure design, materials engineering and 2D/3D optical metamaterials fabrication to enhance the quality of super-resolution imaging.
(PI: Dr. Teng Jinghua, IMRE)

Project 2: Plasmonics based nano-photonics
aims to develop plasmonic nanophotonic technology platform with basic building blocks and chip-scale plasmonic integrated circuits, and also light-emitting devices, along with nano-photonics characterization.
(PI: Dr. Patrick Low, IME)

Project 3: Meta-antennas
aims to develop the metamaterial-based technologies to achieve substrate-integrated high-gain antennas for practical engineering applications at microwave, millimeter wave (mmW), and Terahertz (THz) bands.
(PI: Dr. Chen Zhi Ning, I2R)