Our Areas of Research

Analysis & Characterisation
The Materials Analysis and Characterisation Capability Group is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments/techniques which are maintained, operated and developed by an excellent group of scientists. The primary objective of the group is to develop new capabilities to support existing and future research programs/themes in IMRE and A*STAR.

Design & Growth
Research in this group has been focused on materials design and growth of three clusters of materials, namely, (i) ferroic materials, (ii) electronic/PV materials, and (iii) wide bandgap semiconductors, for various applications with emphasis on developing materials solution for green energy technology – energy harvesting/storage, solar energy conversion, and energy efficiency.

Patterning & Fabrication
The primary objective of the group is to develop advanced patterning and fabrication techniques, translating them into functional surfaces, devices and systems. Our work focuses on manipulating the material properties of nano/molecular structures, exploiting them for practical applications.

Synthesis & Integration
This Group is dedicated to the study of chemistry and physics of materials from fundamental to applied perspectives to spawn high-impact technology innovations that respond to current and future social, environmental and economic needs.

SERC nano Fabrication, Processing and Characterisation (SnFPC)
SnFPC aims to make A*STAR Science and Engineering Research Council's (SERC) extensive research facilities in Nanofabrication and Characterisation technology accessible to all researchers. The network of facilities embraces all SERC Research Institutes and the Singapore Universities - NUS and NTU. The facility at IMRE forms the hub of this network and provides easy access to a wide range of research facilities and expertise on a variety of materials.