Molecular Materials Laboratory

The laboratory is a joint effort between IMRE and the Department of Chemistry at the National University of Singapore (NUS). This synergy encourages enterprise from innovation, balances science exploration with technology development, and strengthens and widens the talent development infrastructure in A*STAR and NUS.
  • Molecular catalysis - e.g. design, recycling and R&D of new energy-efficient and sustainable catalysts for commercial chemicals, petroleum refining, bulk synthesis of polymers, drug synthesis, food processing, waste water treatment, biomass utilisation, etc.

  • Biomimetic materials - e.g. large-scale, low-cost production of bio-inspired functional materials for applications such as dry adhesive, superhydrophobic surfaces, anti-reflective surfaces, tissue engineering and other clinical applications.

  • Energy materials - e.g. development of new materials and device prototypes for energy harvesting (photovoltaic cell), energy storage (battery and supercapacitors), improved energy efficiency (thin film transistor, light-emitting diodes), etc.

  • Carbon materials - e.g. study of carbon-based nanostructured materials like grapheme with emphasis on advanced fabrication for new functions or large scale processing in pile production of high performance devices.


Scholarships available

Key Members:

Manager: Dr Zong Yun
Asst Manager: Dr Leong Wei Lin