Media Releases

Release Date Headlines
14 May 15 A*STAR’S IMRE invents highly conductive material for 3D-Printing circuits 
10 Mar 15 A*STAR’s IMRE Executive Director appointed to senior role at Hong Kong University 
27 Nov 14 MEDIA RELEASE - Longer and more accurate shelf-life with A*STAR 'smart' packaging material technologies 
12 Jun 14 MEDIA RELEASE - Creating a layer of water for a clearer view 
19 May 14 MEDIA RELEASE - A*STAR’S IMRE ties up with Japanese consumer care giant for more environmentally-friendly household products 
28 Jan 14 MEDIA RELEASE - Materials Centre of Innovation established to benefit SMEs 
20 Jan 14 MEDIA RELEASE - Start-up markets artificial cell membranes that can speed up drug discovery 
6 Jan 14 JOINT MEDIA RELEASE - New packaging plastic that protects as good as aluminium foil 
30 Sep 13 MEDIA RELEASE - Paving the way for real-world nanotechnology products 
14 Sep 13 JOINT PRESS RELEASE - Made-in-Singapore glasses-free 3D film on mobile devices wins prestigious Engineering Prize 
20 Aug 13 MEDIA RELEASE - Top chemistry conference returns to Singapore to celebrate the past, present and future of chemistry in Asia 
2 Apr 13 JOINT PRESS RELEASE - New Singapore Plastic Film is the Future of 3D On-The-Go 
27 Mar 13 Flexible screen breakthrough (STRAITS TIMES, Digital Life) 
18 Mar 13 MEDIA RELEASE - Collaboration between A*STAR institute and a local company on a built-in wireless sensor to diagnose ‘stressed’ machines remotely 
1 Mar 13 Nano-scale inventions with giant applications (TODAY, Science page) 
22 Feb 13 Green buildings for a greener Singapore (TODAY, Science page) 
19 Nov 12 MEDIA RELEASE - IMRE and Cima NanoTech to develop materials for next generation transparent conductors 
14 Nov 12 MEDIA RELEASE - Biofactory introduces kits for assessment of protein-DNA interactions, targeting researchers and industry 
10 Oct 12 MEDIA RELEASE - Researchers unravel the secret to making cheap, high-density data storage 
13 Aug 12 MEDIA RELEASE - First full colour images at 100,000 dpi resolution 
2 Aug 12 MEDIA RELEASE - Unique anti-reflective and self-cleaning plastic films to be ramped up for industry use 
23 May 12 MEDIA RELEASE - Singapore-made Anti-reflective Plastics to be Commercialised 
16 Mar 12 MEDIA RELEASE - A*STAR researchers amongst top young innovators in Asia-Pacific 
2 Mar 12 MEDIA RELEASE - Anti-cancer Smart 'Bomb' Scientist Elected Fellow at Fitzwilliam 
20 Jan 12 MEDIA RELEASE - T-rays technology could help develop Star Trek-style hand-held medical scanners 
18 Jan 12 MEDIA RELEASE - Next generation plastics promises fresher foods and medicines and better protection for surfaces 
9 Jan 12 MEDIA RELEASE - Nobel Laureates and other top researchers in Singapore to encourage R&D that spans scientific disciplines 
14 Nov 11 JOINT RELEASE - Novel nanocrystals with advanced optical properties developed for use as luminescent biomarkers 
20 Oct 11 MEDIA RELEASE - Singapore experts and Japanese chemical leaders share green innovations for industry 
14 Oct 11 MEDIA RELEASE - Packing in six times more storage density with the help of table salt 
5 Sep 11 MEDIA RELEASE - A Guinness World Record for Singapore with A*STAR IMRE's world's smallest working gears 
16 Aug 11 MEDIA RELEASE - New polymeric material brings companies one step closer to cheaper plastic solar cells and electronics 
27 Jul 11 MEDIA RELEASE - Prototype tools for mass producing nanostructures to launch in Singapore 
13 Jul 11 The Straits Times Review article - Singapore can reach for a Nobel (13 July 11) 
30 Jun 11 MEDIA RELEASE - Plastic cell membranes for faster and cheaper drug development 
28 Jun 11 MEDIA RELEASE - Creating new advanced R&D tools that can build molecule-sized 
23 Jun 11 MEDIA RELEASE - True Blue Light Emission Could Make Oled Displays The Next Big Thing In Consumer Electronics 
13 Jun 11 MEDIA RELEASE - IMRE scientists develop first-of-its-kind hydrogel and new mix-and-match block copolymer 'smart' biomaterials for drug delivery and biomedical applications 
7 Jun 11 MEDIA RELEASE - New chemical method paves the way for making a greater variety of light-sensitive materials that was not possible before 
11 Mar 11 Intrinsically Coloured and Luminescent Silk 
22 Feb 11 MEDIA RELEASE - Japanese multinational to start-up prototyping centre in Singapore research institute 
21 Jan 11 Tera-Barrier Films receives further endorsement via an investment 
10 Jan 11 MEDIA RELEASE - Leading molecular materials experts meet in Singapore to seed the next 'big ideas' for tackling energy, sustainability and health issues 
16 Dec 10 MEDIA RELEASE - A microscope that can move atoms and draw super high resolution surface images of living cells 
6 Dec 10 MEDIA RELEASE - Singapore consortium learns from nature to produce new chemical-free, anti-bacteria plastic 'skins' 
19 Nov 10 MEDIA RELEASE - Singapore A*STAR participates in groundbreaking European Union (EU) project to jointly create a processor that is the size of a molecule 
12 Oct 10 MEDIA RELEASE - From aerospace, food packaging to armour: New age composite materials developed for a variety of industries 
4 Oct 10 MEDIA RELEASE - The brightest young minds in nanotechnology from across Asia gather in Singapore to talk shop and shop? 
3 Aug 10 MEDIA RELEASE - ICON - Singapore's first nanotechnology consortium gives industry access to research that turns ordinary material surfaces into multi-role surfaces 
28 Jul 10 MEDIA RELEASE - Body armour and protective sports padding made from cornstarch solution? 
6 Jul 10 MEDIA RELEASE - The thinnest, smoothest metallic lines in the world helps speed up miniaturisation of electronic devices 
3 Mar 10 MEDIA RELEASE - Customised artificial 'nano-skin' for medical devices - A way to control biological response 
26 Aug 09 A*Star spin-off draws US venture capital funding 
26 Aug 09 A Step Closer to Bendable Flat Screens 
25 Aug 09 MEDIA RELEASE - Singapore-based Tera-Barrier Films Receives Investment from Applied Ventures to Commercialize Moisture-Resistant Films for Plastic Electronics 
23 Jul 09 MEDIA RELEASE - First made-in-Singapore tool for advanced manufacturing of nano-sized structures will enable local company to compete globally. 
15 Jun 09 MEDIA RELEASE - A*STAR scientists invent the world's only controllable molecule-gear of miniscule size of 1.2nm 
6 Jun 09 MEDIA RELEASE - Building machines, structures and tools in the invisible world of the nanoscale 
26 Nov 08 Nitto Denko invests S$10 million to pioneer organic electronic device research in Singapore 
15 Aug 08 MEDIA RELEASE - Singapore research produces plastic microneedles that can be mass produced more easily and cheaply for painless injections and extraction of bodily fluids 
29 Apr 08 Taking a leaf out of nature for 'nano' steps 
18 Mar 08 Bilcare buys nanotech firm for $19.58m 
14 May 07 BASF opens Organic Electronics R&D center in Singapore 
11 May 07 MEDIA RELEASE - A*STAR‚ÄôS IMRE collaborates with Korean company to develop more rugged, longer-lasting electroluminescent (EL) 
9 Jan 07 IMRE and Unidym joint collaboration on OLEDs 
9 May 06 Research Institutes exhibit their R&D capabilities at SEMICON 2006 
15 Nov 05 MEDIA RELEASE - FIRST MATERIALS SCIENCE NETWORK IN ASIA: ICMR, which is funded by the US National Science Foundation, and IMRE unveil R&D initiative to promote cross-border sharing of laboratories. 
16 Aug 05 MEDIA RELEASE - LIQUID LENS MIMICS THE HUMAN EYE: Local company PGS Precision Pte Ltd licenses IMRE's liquid lens technology, paving the way for miniature cameras with sharp zoom focus. 
11 May 05 MEDIA RELEASE - A*STAR‚Äôs Nano-Magnetic "Fingerprint" Technology to be Commercialised by Singular ID Pte. Ltd. to Fight Counterfeiting 
16 Sep 04 MEDIA RELEASE - A*STAR and Mitsui Chemicals Inc. inked R&D partnership adding a boost to Singapore's chemical industry 
11 Nov 03 MEDIA RELEASE - Gashub Power Strikes Deal with IMRE and Exploit Technologies to Speed Growth in Fuel Cells Technology