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Piezoelectric micro-sensors for in-situ machine monitoring
Piezoelectric microsensors for in-situ machine monitoring

Epitaxial GaAs layer grown on Ge(100) substrate by MOCVD
Epitaxial GaAs layer grown on Ge (100) substrate by MOCVD

Packaged white LED operating at 40mA forward current, luminous efficiency is 20lm/W
Packaged white LED operating at
40mA forward current with luminous efficiency of 20lm/W
Research is focused on materials design and growth of three clusters of materials for various applications.

  • Ferroic materials - Ferroelectric and ferromagnetic materials, including lead-free ferroelectric and piezoelectric materials, for sensors, actuators, and energy transducers.

  • Metal oxides and alloys - Functional metal-oxides (e.g., transparent conducting oxides), metal-oxides catalysts, photo upper-conversion materials, as well as thermal barriers and hard coatings.

  • Semiconductor materials - Growth and processing of III-N and III-V semiconductor thin films, nanostructures for application in various electronic adn opto-electronic devices such as energy efficient white LEDs; novel inorganic semiconductors for PV application; nanoelectronic materials for nano-CMOS.

Applications: Materials for green energy technology such as energy harvesting and storage, solar energy conversion and energy efficiency.


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Capability Group Head: Dr Chi Dongzhi
Deputy Head: Dr Lim Yee Fun
Deputy Head:
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