Design & Growth

Selected Patents Filed

S/N Patent Title Inventors
1 Self-Anchoring Catheter for High Dose Rate Brachytherapy Lim Hsiu Chin Keith, Pliszka Damian, Ramakrishna Seeram, Luo He-Kuan
2 A method of improving the transparency and conductivity of transparent conducting oxide for various applications Wang Shijie, Nancy Wong Lai Mun

Selected Patents Granted

S/N Patent Title Inventors
1 Miniaturized piezoelectric accelerometers Yao Kui, Saravanan Shanmugavel, Luong Trung Dung, Ajit S Gaunekar, Peter Ng Hon Yu
2 Fabrication of phosphor free Red and White Nitride-based LEDs Soh Chew Beng, Chua Soo Jin, Liu Wei, Teng Jing Hua