Program Manager: Dr. Teng Jinghua, Email:
SERC Officer in Charge: Ms. Low Wan Li, Email:

The principal investigators in each research institute and universities and their respective research areas in the program are listed in the table below. Interested person with PhD degree in a relevant field and having relevant research experience are invited to apply through the respective PI .

Research Areas PI in Ri/University Email Address
Optical metamaterials, 3D nano-fabrication, plasmonic components and active devices, superlens Dr Teng Jinghua
Plasmonic components and circuits, CMOS compatible plasmonic techniques, including Waveguid, Photodetector, Modulator and associated Circuit Dr Patrick Lo (IME)
Metamaterials for Antenna in micro-mm-THz wave Dr Chen Zhi Ning (I2R)
Design and simulation of metamaterials and plasmonics devices, computational electromagnetics Dr Li Erping (IHPC)
Optical metamaterials, laser 3D nano-fabrication, superlens; Theory and simulation of mamaterials and plasmonics A/P Hong Ming Hui (NUS/DSI)
Dr Boris Lukiyanchuk (DSI)
Optical metamaterials, chemical synthesis, 3D fabrication Dr Wu Yongling, Linda (SIMTech)
Optical metamaterials, superlens A/P Zhang Dao Hua (NTU)
Micromachined metamaterials - design, fabrication and experiment A/P Liu Ai Qun (NTU)
Application of CNT in metamaterials-based antennas A/P Zhang Qing (NTU)