Analysis & Characterisation

X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS)

XPS sample chamber

  New analysis and characterisation capabilities in the area of electrical & optical analysis, electron microscopy, scanning probe microscopy, chemical and structural analysis, and mechanical modeling.

  • Atom technology - Atom manipulation, atomic scale deposition, molecular logic gates, molecular gears, ballistic electron emission microscopy, variable/low temperature-scanning tunneling microscopy.

  • Advanced in-situ probes - Heterogeneous catalyst, photocatalyst, catalyst dynamics, reaction probes, charge transport, in-situ electron microscopy, in-situ structural and optical probing.

  • Bio-optics and nanoprobes - Bio-nano-plasmonics, cell therapy and imaging using nanoparticles, single molecule sensitive spectroscopy, and nanoparticles biosensors, photothermal microscopy, quartz crystal microbalance, etc.

  • Advanced inspection and detection technology - Forensic science, diagnostics, THz spectroscopy and imaging, resonant Raman spectroscopy, prevision ellipsometry, and variable temp FTIR and thermal analysis.

  • Green electronics and photonics characterisation / development - Optical spectroscopy and device physics, characterisation of photovoltaic materials and devices, GaN-on-Si power electronics and photonics, semiconductor device and material characterisation, etc.

Development of new processes and techniques for the characterisation and analysis of a multitude of electronic, biological, catalysis, semiconductor materials and devices.

    Bioinspired Materials Laboratory in Analysis & Characterisation

This cross-disciplinary research laboratory aims to employ nature’s molecular tools with synthetic biomolecular design principles to create new bio-inspired material platforms, with a focus on deciphering the molecular building blocks of living organisms on which to engineer the next generation of functional materials for a wide range of applications, using environmentally friendly means of synthesis.

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Key Members:

Capability Group Head: Dr Su Xiaodi
Deputy Head: Dr Pramoda Kumari Pallathadka
Deputy Head:
Dr Cedric Troadec