A*STAR Metamaterials Programme

Metamaterials are artificially created structures with feature size much smaller than wavelength and posses extraordinary electromagnetic properties not readily observed in natural constituent materials, which can be used to, e.g., make super-resolution imaging, confine light in nano-scale, tune optical response spectrum/light emission, enhance light absorption in solar cells, provide negative refractive index, and make planar super-gain antenna design. They have potential applications in like nanoelectronics, sensing, data storage, green energy, high-speed communications, microwave and millimeter wave technology, optics & photonics, and aerospace technology.

The Metamaterials Programme is an inter-RI-university effort, drawing on existing capabilities from six SERC RIs (DSI, I2R, IHPC, IME, IMRE and SIMTech) and NTU & NUS to collaboratively develop the metamaterials science and technology. The program period is Jan 2010-Jan 2013.

Bottom: Super-resolution imaging of a point source by a Veselago/Pendry metamaterial lens.

Right: Negative refraction of a Gaussian beam by a metamaterial slab of refractive index n=-2.