Synthesis & Integration

Instrinsically Fluorescent Silk

Flexible Translucent OPV

Structure-property correlations and integrated materials performance studies to establish design principles to enable material and process innovations.

  • Functional polymers

  • Molecular materials

  • Engineered nanocomposites and nanostructures

  • Application-specific electronic materials, etc.

Applications: Consumer care products, cosmetics, biomedical and healthcare, bio-imaging and diagnostic, catalysis, renewal energy and solar energy harvesting, next generation organic electronics, battery, coating, protective and structural components for environmental extremes, among others.

Nanocomposites Centre

The scope of the research centre, which is part of the Synthesis & Integration Capability Group, is divided into two parts (1) build up the platform technology in filler dispersion and fundamental understanding of interface control and structure-property relationship, and (2) exploit the application of nanocomposites in three key thrusts.

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Porous Materials Laboratory

The laboratory aims to build a platform for collaborative work via a world-class research laboratory in porour materials for Singapore.  The team will focus on producing high impact publications, papers and patents; talent development; collaborations with local and overseas universities and research organisations; and forming industrial partnerships.

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Key Members:

Capability Group Head: Dr Xu Jianwei
Deputy Head: Dr Li Xu
Deputy Head: Dr Ong Kok Haw

Deputy Head: Dr Maureen Janet Tan Beng Hoon
Deputy Head: Dr Ooi Zi En