Asia Nanotech Camp 2010 (ANC 2010)



Asia Nanotech Camp (ANC) is a program initiated by Asia Nano Forum (ANF) as a platform for young nanotechnology researchers to learn about the state of the art and nanotechnology advancement in ANF network economies. It provides unique educational opportunities for these young researchers to communicate, network, and collaborate with one another. For the past two years, ANC was held in Japan (2008) and Taiwan (2009).

The 3rd ANC will take place on Oct 3rd through Oct 15th 2010 in Singapore and Malaysia, jointly organized by the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, Singapore and Akademi Sains Malaysia. The program includes technical lectures by experts in various areas of nanotechnology, industry seminars, visits to universities and research institutes, as well as networking and social activities.

Key Dates
October 3-8 2010 ♦ Singapore
October 9-14 2010 ♦ Malaysia
October 15 2010 ♦ Singapore

Camp Accommodation

ANC 2010 Camp Handbook
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