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IMRE seminar on "Nanostructured Electrode Materials for Energy Storage"
16 Apr 15 (Thu) - 02.00pm - 03.00pm
Li ion battery has shown great promises in various energy related applications. Currently, the limiting factor for improving the performance of such device is mainly related to the cathode development. We will present our recent activity on synthesis of nanostructured cathode materials. Encouraged by the active studies on graphene materials for energy storage, we carried out works on growth of 2D structured cathode materials.

IMRE seminar on "Werner Complexes: A New Class of Chiral Hydrogen Bond Donor Catalysts for Enantioselective Organic Reactions"
23 Apr 15 (Thu) - 11.00am - 12.00pm
Salts of the chiral tris(ethylenediamine)-substituted octahedral trication and related species, have played important historical roles in the development of inorganic chemistry and stereochemistry.We have found that chiral tris(ethylenediamine)-substituted octahedral tricationand related cations can be rendered soluble in organic solvents by using lipophilic anions. Suitably functionalized derivatives act as highly enantioselective catalysts for a variety of carbon-carbon bond forming reactions. The mechanisms involve outer sphere activation of the electrophile by hydrogen bonding to the NH moieties. Other types of metal-containing chiral hydrogen bond donors are also effective, including a chelate of the CpRuL fragment.

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