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IMRE seminar on "Composite Nanoparticular Films from Gas Sensing to Superhydrophobic Surfaces"
6 Feb 15 (Fri) - 10.30am - 11.30am
A general method for the synthesis of a novel class of superhydrophobic polymer thin films with embedded nanoparticles will be presented. These materials combine the superhydrophobic nature of silicone polymer matrices and the properties of the nanoparticles for photocatalysis, magnetic applications, or high surface area catalysis. The films themselves are deposited using a one-pot aerosol assisted chemical vapour deposition (AACVD) process, and are characterised using electron microscopy, X-ray dispersive spectroscopy, water contact angle and bouncing measurements and elemental mapping. Thus, showing that these materials demonstrate multifunctional behaviour through magnetic, catalytic and superhydrophobic measurements.

IMRE seminar on "Photo-sensitive Microcapsules"
25 Feb 15 (Wed) - 10.00am - 11.00am
Microcapsules are small particles which contain an active agent or core material surrounded by a coating or shell. The utility of microcapsules for efficient cargo storage and targeted release is of considerable importance in self-healing materials, nutrient preservation, agricultural applications, fragrance release, and drug delivery. One of the most challenging tasks and the ultimate purpose of developing delivery systems are to modulate the release of encapsulated cargo substances. During the seminar, I will be presenting the preliminary results of microcapsules preparation, characterization and controlled perfume release, by means of different techniques (OM, SEM, LS, GC/MS). Furthermore, as a Marie Curie Ambassador, in order to promote communication between researchers from Singapore and Europe, I will also present the main concept of European Community and Marie Sklodowska Curie grants, for international collaborations.

IMRE seminar on "Frontier of Quantum Molecular Spintronics Based on Single-Molecule Magnets : Towards Green IT Innovation"
26 Feb 15 (Thu) - 10.00am - 11.15am
Spintronics is a key technology in 21st century based on the freedoms of the charge, spin, as well as orbital of the electron. The MRAM systems (Magnetic Random Access Memory) by using Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR) or Tunneling Magnetoresitance (TMR) have several advantages such as no volatility of information, the high operation speed of nanoseconds, the high information memory storage density, and the low consuming electric power.

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