6th Industrial Symposium on Nanoimprint Lithography & Industry Session on Nanotechnology Standards

23 May 12 (Wed) - 09.00am - 04.00pm

The past five annual industry symposia on nanoimprint lithography have been excellent sources of information for corporate attendees of all stripes, from potential end-users to value-chain enterprises, seeking to stay abreast of the latest developments in the field. The 6th Industrial Symposium on Nanoimprint Lithography, 2012 will emphasise commercial applications that are closest to production. International speakers from companies with interests in nanoimprint technology will emphasise this theme, as well as convey recent developments in their respective businesses. Furthermore, there will be corporate exhibits showcasing the latest products produced by and for nanoimprint technology. The symposium is intended to be a platform for fostering new partnership and explore new collaborations with industry.

Chairperson (6th Industrial Symposium on Nanoimprint Lithography)

Hong Yee LOW Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, Singapore

Co-chair & Jaslyn LAW Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, Singapore
Correspondence Tel: (65) 6874 7902;

Edwin KHOO Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, Singapore
Tel: (65) 6874 1975;

The National Working Group for Nanotechnology Standards represents Singapore in the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) Technical Committee(TC) 229 on nanotechnology standards. ISO has 163 member countries involved in preparing international standards through ISO TCs. The National Working Group participates in ISO TC 229 on nanotechnologies which focuses on four main themes, namely: i) Terminology and Nomenclature ii) Measurement and Characterisation iii) Health, Safety and Environment and iv) Materials Specifications. Research laboratories, industry, consumers , trade, government, distributors, etc. are involved through their national working groups for their country, tapping on international expert networks and shaping ISO standards to facilitate trade, improve quality and safety and protect health. The National Working Group for Nanotechnology Standards is an active member in the ISO TC 229 and is committed to work effectively with all relevant parties in Singapore. The industry session will highlight the relevance of particular ISO TC 229 nanotechnology standards to Singapore’s industry and research entities and how they could connect to the ISO standards platform given the potential impact of nanotechnology on health, safety and trade.

The National Working Group for Nanotechnology Standards is under the Chemical Standards Committee (CSC) which is managed by the Standards Development Organisation at the Singapore Chemical Industry Council (
SDOSCIC). The CSC is one of the 11 Standards Committees under the Standards Council which is administered by SPRING Singapore, the national standards body.

Chairperson (Industry Session on Nanotechnology Standards)

Ramam AKKIPEDDI Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, Singapore

Co-chair & Angeline POH
SDOSCIC, Singapore Chemical Industry Council
8 Jurong Town Hall Road #25-04, the JTC Summit
Tel: (65) 6267 9661;

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